Classi di compressioni


Classi di compressioni

Medical compression garments are available in 4 compression classes

The pressure exerted by the compression garment at the ankle is decisive for allocating it to one of the 4 compression classes.

Compression class (CCL)Pressure value (ankle)Indicationsmediven product
1 mild compressionCompression in mmHg: 18.0 – 21.0
compression in kPa: 2.40 – 2.80
feeling of tired and heavy legs with minor varicosity, but without a pronounced tendency to develop oedema, and for the prevention of early varicosis in pregnancymediven elegance
mediven plus
mediven comfort
mediven for men
mediven active
2 moderate compressionCompression in mmHg: 23.0 – 32.0
compression in kPa: 3.10 – 4.30
more serious symptoms
pronounced varicosis with a tendency to form oedema
post-traumatic swelling conditions
after healing of minor ulcers
after superficial thrombophlebitis
after sclerotherapy and surgery for varicose veins for securing successful treatment results
for more pronounced varicosis in pregnancy
mediven elegance
mediven plus
mediven comfort
mediven forte
mediven for men
mediven active
3 strong compressionCompression in mmHg: 34.0 – 46.0
compression in kPa: 4.50 – 6.10
all late complications of constitutional or post-thrombotic venous insufficiency
strong tendency to develop oedema
secondary varicosis
atrophie blanche
after healing of more severe ulcers, particularly relapses
mediven plus
mediven forte
4 extra strong compressionCompression in mmHg: at least 49.0
compression in kPa: at least 6.50
only for treating lip-/lymphoedema

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